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Enter Shikari – Asbury Park: Operation Complete

Hailing all the way from Britain, Enter Shikari, took over the House Of Independents this past week on their U.S. tour, In Celebration of The Spark. Along with them were British punk band, Milk Teeth and hard hitting Canadians, Single Mothers.

Having been to the House quite a few times, never have you ever felt more energy from a crowd before. Enter Shikari is definitely a band for everyone. From start to finish, the band and their music takes you on an incredible musical journey. From favorites like “Sorry You’re Not A Winner” and “Solidarity” to songs from their newest record like “The Sights” and “Undercover Agents”. Lead vocalist, Rou Reynolds, does not hold back with his incredible voice and his tasteful dance moves. Reynolds gives off Freddie Mercury vibes in songs like “The Sights” and “Live Outside” but will leave you speechless in songs like “the Last Garrison” and “Antwerpen”. Tickets to the rest of the tour can be found here.



Words by Carly Della Valle. Photos by Zach Foerst



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