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Tonight Alive Take Us On A Journey Through Their Very Own ‘Underworld’



Tonight Alive’s third studio album ‘Underworld’ begins with tribal-like, driving drums providing an excellent hype-inducing introduction to this new chapter for the band with ‘Book of Love’. The song provides a strong, aggressive opening, tackling a feeling that seems to relay tirelessly fighting a battle and ending strong; simulated by heavy guitars and drums.

The album is consistent throughout and tastefully displays the band’s signature sound while still showing development in their sound and some great improvement and growth in control and tone in Jenna McDougall’s already powerful voice. Tapping in to the talents of PVRIS’ Lynn Gunn for the mid-tempo, in the cut, jam ‘Disappear’ holding true to the styles of both Gunn and McDougall, and Slipknot’s Corey Taylor for the triumphant closing track ‘My Underworld’.

Overall, ‘Underworld’ is pieced together perfectly and I’m genuinely excited to see how this album translates live. The songs are beefed up where they should be and are opened up and relaxed at just the right moments. The texture and sounds of each song sonically match the lyrical content and feeling, which is something I personally appreciate.

‘Underworld’ is available everywhere now!


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