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Baby Guru Announce Their New Album “IV”

Baby Guru, a psych-pop band from Athens, Greece has announced their new album IV will be out April 7th, 2017 and the first track from the album has been released here:

 Stream: “Tell Me What You’re Made Of”

SoundCloud / BandCamp / YouTube


“IV” is the work of four childhood friends who are seeking genuine forms of expression in a cold-hearted world. IV portrays lost romances, the fight with everyday life, and the realism of leaving dreams behind in a  groovy-psychedelic rock manner. 

Baby Guru is a group of ever-changing musical artists with a record of different contributions to the music industry with previous albums, “Pieces”, “Marginalia”, and ever writing the soundtrack for the theatrical play “Why I Killed My Best Friend”.

In September 2015 Baby Guru wrote another chapter in their career with a mini-album entitled “Special Sunshine” which lead to their newest album IV. You can pre-order the bands newest creation here: Inner Ear , BandCamp and keep up with the band through social media  on their Facebook and Twitter.


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