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Check Out Mayberry’s Stunning New EP Beautiful Mess

The alternative pop-rock band, Mayberry, have released their new EP, Beautiful Mess. The EP was co-written and produced by John Keefe and Morgan Dorr of the band Boys Like Girls. This EP is just full of songs that scream “smash hit.”  The infections pop hooks and powerful vocals provide some of the best ear candy I’ve heard in a long time! Don’t believe me? Check them out in their music video for “Say What You Want From Me” below.

Awesome right? I can’t be the only one who played it twice! That song, along with five others, is featured on their Beautiful Mess EP, which can be streamed below.

You may be saying to yourself, “Man, this band is going places!” but the truth is, they already have! They’ve released two EPs (All I Need and Just A Dream), shared the stage with huge acts (Plain White T’s, Fifth Harmony, Fall Out Boy, Rixton, and more) and have 45,000 dedicated twitter followers.

Mayberry’s growing fan base is likely due to the fact that their music has something to offer to everyone. From fun upbeat pop, to edgy alternative, and even simple acoustic ballads, Beautiful Mess is sure to please any listener.

Beautiful Mess EP Art.png

2. On Top Of The World
3. Say What You Want From Me
4. Don’t Be Shy
5. Find My Way
6. Coming Home To You

Mayberry: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Tumblr // Soundcloud


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