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Alive & Well Release Sophomore EP From Basements to Beaches

San Diego’s pop punk outfit Alive & Well have just announced the release of their sophomore EP From Basements to Beaches. The 4-song EP serves as a concept album regarding addressing and tackling problems in one’s life. The band had the following to say “Bad things will happen, you’ll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy and you’ll have to move through it.”

In promotion of the group’s latest EP, the band have released a video for their track “Addictions”. Lead singer Matt Vernon has said the song comes from his first trip out west and his initial impressions of live across the country. Speaking further on the track, Vernon said the following “I found a lot of hypocrisy in people who were once alcoholics and now die hard vegetarians who would condemn me for my ways when from my point of view I felt like they are still being dominated by an addiction but that they simply just traded out and got a sense of self righteousness that they could tell me that I was wrong for thinking other wise. The second verse goes into using the same comparison of former junkies who now live under strict guidelines of christianity. In my eyes I still see it as an addiction and more tolerable force that will still dominate every aspect of your life. As an outspoken atheist this song represents my views on having a less than popular ideology and complete lack of care about what people think about it.”

From Basements to Beaches can be purchased here and the video for “Addictions” can be viewed below.

Alive & Well: Facebook // Official Website


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