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Doe Paoro and Son Little Collaborate for Energetic & Trailblazing Studio Session, Record New Song

When two acclaimed artists from separate genres and musical tendencies collaborate together, the result could be described as “all-or-nothing”. The latest instance, a studio session between Doe Paoro and Son Little places itself in the “All” category. The track “Shadow” which pairs Paoro’s vocal accompaniment with Little’s production, can be viewed below.

The group share a record label (“ANTI-”) and met after a mutual friend suggested they shoudl collaborate and write together. Featuring definitive shades of soul, funk, and even late-era Beatles, “Shadows” is bound to excite and entrance listeners with its reverent yet nuanced sound. Regarding both the studio session and the track, Paoro provided the following “I was really inspired by the depth and clarity of his music, and this is something I felt when we were writing lyrics together. All these ideas boiled down into this really pure statement. How things can be very simple and deep at the same time.”

Son Little added “I think we kind of talked our way into it. We wrote down our conversation. That was the first time we met, and for your first conversation to become a song, is kind of a special thing. I think we both came at this with our own experiences. We’ve both had our experiences of light and dark times.”

This unrivaled collection of depth, range, and accessibility can be sampled further with a set of live shows, listed below. Information regarding both artists can be found below, stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for further collaborations!

May 25 – Los Angeles  CA @ The Echo
May 26 – San Francisco  CA @ Brick & Mortar

Son Little: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter

Doe Paoro: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // SoundCloud


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