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Celebration Guns Wax Melancholic and Nostalgic in New Video for “The Me That Used to Be”

Noise pop outfit Celebration Guns are keen to wrestle with emotions throughout the nostalgic domain in their latest music video for “The Me That Used to Be”, the title track off their latest release. The track itself wields influence from indie and math rock for a truly weighty and accessible tune. The video for the track can be viewed below.

Regarding the video, Chorus.FM had the following to say “Something about the old home video footage worked so well with the music that it won me over almost instantly.” Celebration Guns have been keen to pull from these influences throughout their career, and the band’s growth is particularly apparent throughout The Me That Used to Be.

The video for “The Me That Used to Be” finds the group’s frontman Justin Weir revisiting and showcasing a collection of home videos, polaroid pictures, along with videos of the group playing laser tag and mini golf.

The Me That Used to Be is currently out, with a tracklist and album art provided below. The band will also be playing a promotional show toward with the beginning of June, with those dates listed below as well.


June 2 – Tempe, AZ @ Yucca Tap Room


1) The Volunteer
2) Have it Your Way
3) Thanks for your Time
4) Ready to Go
5) The Me That Used to Be

 Celebration Guns: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp


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