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Australian Duo Polarheart Perplex & Excite w/ New Track “Enigma”

As intriguing as they are exotic, Sydney-based pop duo Polarheart have only been writing and working together since 2013, yet they have wasted no time in making their mark. Ethereal, almost mercurial vocals are deftly paired with an atmospheric, natural instrumentation to curate a truly wondrous sound.

After generating abundant buzz by way of recent singles and their latest tour, the duo is set to release their self-titled EP later this year to highly eager ears. Much of this buzz has come specifically off of the single “Dystopia”, with the track reaching over one million listens. This meteoric popularity has been replicated throughout the group’s tour stops as well as their spotify page.

“Enigma” hopes to propel this success to further heights, with the group opting for a more revealing, almost vulnerable sound in an attempt to connect with their listeners more intimately. Wrestling with complex and weighty emotions, the track is the perfect companion to both late nights and hazy, early mornings. The track can be streamed below.

The group had the following to say of the track “We wrote this about that moment when you’re trying to move on from someone, but you can’t, because you realise you never fully knew them. They were always holding back a part of themselves, and its that wondering, its that knowing you couldn’t quite solve the puzzle that keeps you fixated on them.”

Polarheart: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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