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Unwritten Law Go Acoustic in Latest Album, Out Now

Alternative/rock outfit Unwritten Law have attained a highly significant following, played extravagant venues worldwide, and continue to develop their sound and have been doing so since 1990, when they came together near San Diego. The group’s latest effort, Acoustic, seeks to celebrate and place these efforts firmly in the spotlight.

Acoustic serves as a compilation album, serving as an amalgam for the band’s nearly four decade tenure. By unplugging for their latest record, this allows the band to adopt a more jam-band esque sound, only furthering the group’s appeal and accessibility. The band has also released a promotional video for Acoustic, which can be viewed below. 

The record is available now and can be purchased digitally here. A tracklist for the release is provided below.


Unwritten Law


May 10, 2016

1) Nevermind

2) Celebration

3) Up All Night

4) Teenage

5) Starships

6) Shoulda

7) Seein Red

8) Save Me

9) Oblivion

10) I Like The Way

11) Huartbreaker

12) Cailin

13) Belongs to You

Stay tuned for further information regarding upcoming singles or tour dates.

Unwritten Law: Facebook // Twitter



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