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Catey Shaw Sets Release Date for EP The Ransom at June 10, Releases Tracklist

Widely publicised and highly acclaimed artist Catey Shaw has announced a release date for her latest EP, The Ransom, due out June 10th. With a sound as prolific as it has been varied, Shaw has been featured in Billboard, Nylon, TIME, Complex, as well as numerous others.

The singer songwriter’s latest release serves as a follow up to 2014’s The Brooklyn EP, which proved to be instrumental in her rise to success and prominence. Shaw’s latest effort boasts earnestness as well as steadfast, vulnerable emotionality. Peaks and valleys throughout romance and dating are a common theme for Shaw, particularly when paired with 80’s sounding instrumentals. Listen to the title track “The Ransom” below. 

Shaw has gained praise both continual and immense throughout her career, with the release of The Ransom sure to continue this trend. A complete tracklist for the June 10th EP can be found below.

Catey Shaw

The Ransom

June 10, 2016

1) Walks All Over You

2) Tell Everyone

3) The Ransom

4) Lovesick Jerk

5) I’d Be Laughing

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