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The Downtown Fiction Premiere “Hepburn Shades” in New Video

Virginia based pop punk collective The Downtown Fiction have released a music video for their track “Hepburn Shades”. The video can be streamed below.

Vocalist/guitarist Cameron Leahy “For the “Hepburn Shades” music video, we wanted to portray the song’s protagonist, played by Matilda Lutz, lost and locked out of her car, literally at odds with herself. The song focuses on modern nihilism, the glorification of death and the struggle to find optimism in a world that thrives on a suffocating brand of irony, condemning anyone who really tries. We shot the video in the desert, a backdrop for her desolation and desperation, that inner conflict. It was fun to watch her just let go and capture the moment in such an epic environment.”

The outfit’s most recent record, Alligator Tears, is available now at the following links (hl). The Downtown Fiction have effortlessly carved out their niche within the pop rock domain with their novel implementation of transcendent rock. This was placed in the forefront with Alligator Tears, blending psychedelic themes with heavy bass, fiery instrumentals, and effervescent lyrics only to separate them by track.

Perhaps just as impressive might be the outfit’s tendency to re-envision as well as develop and decant their sound, as has been the case since their emergence in 2008. More information regarding the group is provided below, with more announcements surely to come.

The Downtown Fiction: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram



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