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…And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead’s Conrad Keely Releases Video for Solo Track “Engines of the Dark”

Conrad Keely, singer songwriter of the art rock group …And You Will Know Us By the Trail of the Dead has released a video for his track “Engines of the Dark” off his solo debut Original Machines. Keely has called Cambodia home recently, and his video for “Engines of the Dark” serves as a love letter for his new country.

The first music video off Original Machines can be viewed below.

Keely’s 24-track debut has been the subject of immense critical acclaim, with the publications Q and Upset magazine calling it “a brilliant odyssey through the eclectic backwaters of Keely’s imagination,” and “a genuinely fascinating listen” respectively. Additional acclaim has been given to the tracks “Warm Insurrection” and “In Words Of A Not So Famous Man”.

The record can be purchased here (hl), and a tracklist is provided below.


Conrad Keely

Original Machines

Superball Music

1) Original Machines

2) Warm Insurrection

3) In Words Of A Not So Famous Man

4) Inside The Cave

5) Drive To Kampot

6) Engines Of The Dark

7) Your Tide Is Going Out

8) Row Away

9) Lost The Flow

10) Nothing That I Meant (Interstellar)

11) The Jungles

12) All That’s Left Is Land

13) Hills Of K-Town

14) Drive Back To Phnom Penh

15) Forbidden Stones

16) Out On The Road

17) Rays Of The Absolute

18) Trust The Knowledge

19) Looking For Anchors

20) All Molton

21) Waimanalo Drive

22) Spotlight On The Victor

23) Marcel Was Here

24) Before The Swim

Conrad Keely: Official Website // Facebook


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