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Amanda Markley Self-Titled EP Streaming Now, Out May 6

In promotion of her upcoming self titled EP, previous Halfbeat feature and Seattle’s Amanda Markley is now streaming her latest release, out today. Boasting infectious passion, superior emotional depth, and a range of other talents and features, the EP combines the best of folk, pop, and the alternative genres.

Myspace has coined the release “full of her creative passion-reminiscent of Ellie Goulding and Sia’s work.” Markley herself had the following to say regarding her release. “Finishing this EP has been a long process and I am very excited to finally release it. I had to get through some frustrating times to finish the recording, but I’m happy with how it all came together in the end. I decided to self title this EP because it is debuting a new, more mature sound for me and it really shows more of who I am as an artist. I had to stand on my own a lot and get things done to finish this EP, and self-titling it highlights my strength through completion. I hope you all enjoy it!”

Markley has been keen to collaborate with other emerging Seattle artists such as Adamm Mitchell (She Is We), Chase Manhattan (Night Argent), Matt Bacnis, and Chloe Hendrickson. Devotees and new fans alike will recall the significant acclaim received from her singles “Jealousy”, “Monster”, as well as the track “Cold”. These releases are accompanied with both “Cold (Revisited)” and “Fire”. Never one to remain stagnant, Markley is currently en route to Nashville to collaborate with Will Pugh (Cartel) to record and will release new tracks soon.

The EP can be streamed below and can be pre-ordered here. A tracklist and album art are also provided below.


Amanda Markley

Amanda Markley EP

May 6, 2016

1) Fire

2) Cold

3) Monster

4) Jealousy

5) Cold (Revisited)

Amanda MarkleyOfficial Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // SoundCloud


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