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SEE Premiers Leading Track “Potions” Off of Debut Album, Ties EP Out June 24

Boasting talent, range, and depth well beyond her two decades on earth, singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist SEE is debuting her premier track “Potions” off of her upcoming EP Ties. Ties is due out June 24 and has been the well-deserved target of immense anticipation. As she is wont to do with her wealth of talent, Ties effortlessly combines elements of pop, rock, alternative, and other genres as well as her singer-songwriter talents to produce a sound truly all her own. “Potions” can be streamed below. 

The upcoming record was produced by Brad Wood (of Smashing Pumpkins, Real Estate, and Liz Phair fame) and features five tracks but has the depth and artistry of a full-length release. A tracklist and album art are provided below.

An official music video for “Potions” is due out shortly, providing somewhat of a culmination for SEE. The artist began playing drums, guitar, bass, piano, as well as singing and writing at the age of 15 before further showcasing her artistry as the drummer and primary songwriter for a prominent Long Island outfit. Continuing to move at this precocious and breakneck pace is surely a goal for SEE, as she hopes to become one of the premier songwriters and artists of her generation. Further information on SEE is also provided below. 




June 24, 2016

1) Green Line Killer

2) Closed Eyes Open

3) Blue Await

4) Potions

5) She Cries

SEE: Official Website // Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube




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