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Death Koolaid Premiere Music Video for Track “Emmeline”, Full-Length Release Due Out in July

From London, the city that seems to have nearly everything, the hardcore Punk group Death Koolaid have burst onto the well populated scene in recent years. This continues to be the case with their latest track and ensuing music video for “Emmeline”. The acclaimed track comes off of their impending record Death Koolaid Vol. 2, due out this coming July. The newly released music video can be watched below.

The video was directed by Brendan Cleaves, filmed by Laura Bellingham, edited by Greg Hays, and colored by Oliver Gill. Speaking on the production and release of the video, the band had the following to say “We wanted to do a performance video but hate performance videos. We wanted to stay away from that classic good looking, fancy lighting, slick style performance video we so often see too much of. So we came up with this idea. We wanted it to create motion sickness, headaches, and dizziness. We also did it on a tiny budget, with just the director, the DP and us all crammed into a tiny room. Not only that, we thought to make it more intense for us, we put a time limit on the shoots duration to three hours. Get in, go mental and get out. Pretty much our mentality squeezed into the whole experience and visuals. We use a homemade camera rig for many of shots as nothing out there could achieve the look we wanted. The song is also bonkers, so it all came together quite well.”

The outfit’s initial full length release can be streamed here in preparation for the July release.

Death KoolaidOfficial Website // Facebook // Instagram // SoundCloud // Twitter // YouTube



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