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Leapling Debut New Single “One Hit Wonder”

Brooklyn’s Leapling have debuted their newest single “One Hit Wonder” which is off their forthcoming & highly anticipated second album Suspended Animation.  Their new album will be released June 10th via Exploding In Sound Records and is reportedly influenced by old-fashioned power pop like The Kinks and Big Star.

Check out “One Hit Wonder” here!


“‘One Hit Wonder’ came out of a continued obsession with stripping things down to their absolute minimum, and a steady diet of classic ’70s power pop. I was pretty (very) bored with a lot of rock and pop music for a while and as a result felt apprehensive to write such straight-ahead poppy songs, despite my very real inclination to do so. For a while I had been really into incorporating more esoteric influences into pop music, which is nice and a lot of my favorite music is exactly that, but it started to feel a lot more natural and confident to me to just embrace simplicity and the unobscured pure-pop side of things. It’s really fun to invite some cliche and convention after denying it for a while and finding new ways to incorporate some more experimental ideas without necessarily calling attention to it. Solid gold fun.” – Dan Arnes, Leapling songwriter

Tour Dates

May 11 – Boston, MA @ O’Brien’s w/ Sun Young & We Can All Be Sorry *
May 13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Ortliebs w/ Beth Israel *

* w/ Laser Background


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