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San Diego Outfit Alive & Well Announce Sophomore EP From Basements to Beaches

The vivaciously named pop-punk group Alive & Well will undoubtedly be looking forward to June 3rd, the release date for their upcoming EP From Basements to Beaches. The appealingly named sophomore effort simultaneously serves as a highly accessible concept album, depicting life’s struggles and the required efforts to overcome them. A steadfast attitude and overarching positive outlook are paramount to the group, with Matt Vernon adding “Bad things will happen, you’ll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy and you’ll have to move through it.”

The publication Fuck Yeah Pop Punk was keen to echo this positive attitude, saying that “Alive & Well’s EP, From Basements to Beaches, embodies so many things I love; music that reminds me of the sunny beaches of California, aggressive riffs where I can feel the members emotions, and lyrics that hit home on so many aspects of my life. What more could you want in a pop punk band?”

Stay tuned for further announcements regarding both the group and their anticipated EP.

Alive & Well: Facebook // Official Website


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