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Muscle & Marrow Wrestle with Complex Themes in New Track “Bereft Body” New Record Out May 27th

The Rose City’s own Muscle & Marrow are excited to debut their newest track “Bereft Body” off of their upcoming LP Love. The single is the third off of their impending release, and is eager to pair ethereal instrumentation with complex and nuanced lyricism. The sound builds off of their debut release The Human Cry, released in 2014. The sounds of the debut were rambunctious and frenetic, but were accompanied with a distinctive air of feminism and female ideologies. “Bereft Body” can be streamed below. 

Showcasing prominent, even at times visceral vocals from frontwoman Kira Clark, The Human Cry quickly became the subject of significant acclaim, with Pitchfork calling the album “gorgeous”. The outfit’s sophomore effort Love seeks to strike more of an electronic pose, with the group ever-eager to expand on their infectious and widely celebrated sound.

Speaking on Love and its undertones, Kira Clark had the following to say “’s cathartic and alluring for me to delve into feminine madness because, of course, that character is inside me somewhere all of the time and to give her permission to surface in my art is powerful.” The record, in all of its fortitude and vulnerability, is due out May 27th, with album art and a tracklist provided below. The record can be pre-ordered here.

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007].eps

Muscle & Marrow


May 27, 2016

1) My Fear

2) Black Hole

3) Womb

4) The Drooling Mouth

5) Sacs of Teeth

6) Bereft Body

7) Light

Muscle & Marrow: Bandcamp // Facebook // Official Website


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