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Onsen to Release Debut Record June 24, Singles “Peggy Lee” & “Follow the Numbers” Streaming Now

Attempting to pin down a singular source of inspiration in the arts, especially music, seems like a fool’s errand at best. This is so profoundly the case that whenever a singular or major source of inspiration is placed in the forefront, unrelenting skepticism never seems to be far behind. Emerging artist Onsen attempts to have it both ways.

Earthquake Weather, the impending debut from Onsen due out June 24, borrows from California mining culture and the tectonic origins of the state’s climate. Even the term Onsen has an intimate connection, with the artist’s name doubling as a Japanese word for hot springs. These thematics result in a calculated, truly ethereal record, sure to be equal parts tranquil and exhilarating.

“Peggy Lee” and “Follow the Numbers”, two acclaimed singles from the release, are now available to stream and be done so below.


The mercurial record is due out via Cosmic Dreamer Music, and the collective itself is the product of collaboration from both the north and south ends of the Golden state. Soon after release, a victory lap circumventing the state is sure to follow, so please stay tuned.

A tracklist for Earthquake Weather as well as album art is provided below. 



Earthquake Weather

June 24, 2016

1) What Fortunes

2) Mahabharata

3) Peggy Lee

4) Over And Know

5) Plans

6) Follow The Numbers

7) Notice

8) Let You In

9) Own Advice

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