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Nasvhille’s Roanoke Stream Latest Track “Heavy Goodbyes”

In a name that is highly indicative of their emerging sound, Nashville’s latest gem Roanoke are now streaming their single “Heavy Goodbyes”. This comes in the wake of their debut single “Jordan”, released to high acclaim. The group that is beginning to carve out a sound fraternal to prominent folk outfits such as The Civil Wars and The Lumineers has also given a date for their self-titled debut album, due out May 13th.

The outfit’s latest release touches on more complex and emotionally rich topics such as loss and having to leave relationships. Speaking on the track, Taylor Dupuis had the following to say, “Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest things to do. “Heavy Goodbyes” is a song that captures the bittersweet moment of two people’s last night together. I wanted to write something that listeners could relate to. I wanted to write something beautiful and tragic.” The single can be streamed below.

The self-titled EP’s remainders also boasts a great emotional depth while also fusing traditional Americana with contemporary folk in an effortless fashion. Roanoke’s 11-track debut is sure to be as fulfilling as it is accessible, and will undoubtedly demand multiple listens. A confirmed tracklist is provided below.




1) Jordan

2) The Light

3) This Love

4) Without You

5) Heavy Goodbyes

6) Interlude/Mountain Man

7) Trouble

8) Losing You

9) Makeup

10) Red and Gold

11) Never Gonna Love Again

Roanoke: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // SoundCloud


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