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Lady Bones Now Streaming Terse EP, Announce Release Show & Tour

In preparation for an April 29th release, Lady Bones are now streaming their latest EP Terse, out via Midnight Werewolf records. The release serves as a follow up to last year’s Dying, a widely acclaimed record responsible for projecting them to prominence throughout the Boston music scene and beyond. Their sound is the concentrated brainchild of unwavering percussion, delightfully twangy vocals, and crunching guitar riffs.

This sound is also keen to venture towards the pop end of the spectrum, perhaps to artfully conceal more introspective and ruminative lyrics, as is the case with Terse. The result is a deeply cathartic and emotionally comprehensive record, sure to please fans both adamant and potential. Terse can be streamed below. 

Terse also allows the band to explore these more complex themes that were only briefly touched upon in Dying, bringing the band towards the height of their lyrical and musical powers. The record has already been met with significant critical praise, with AV Club saying that “Lady Bones is still writing riffs that rumble slowly toward a thesis, but more than ever the band is putting pop conventions first. Vocalist-guitarist Sean Gilston makes use of a vocal melody that’s familiar without feeling trite, as the rest of the band chugs through riffs that are heavy yet hummable.”

The outfit’s EP can be ordered here (hl), and a tracklist as well as a cohort of regional tour dates are provided below.


April 29 – Boston, MA @ ER Boston w/ Kal Marks, Soft Fangs, Sativa Cult (EP Release Show)

April 30 – Philadelphia, PA, Nico Nico w/ Pet

May 05 – Montreal, QC @ Turbo Haüs w/ Pile & Kal Marks

May 06 – Toronto, ON @ Faith/Void w/ Pile & Kal Marks

May 07 – Winooski, VT @ Appearances w/ Rick Rude & Goddard (Waking Windows Festival)


Lady Bones


April 29, 2016

Midnight Werewolf Records

1) Weight

2) Ice Cream

3) Horror

4) Age

5) Don’t Call Me Sassy

6) Cough

Lady Bones: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp // Midnight Werewolf Records


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