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Anna Meredith Debuts Music Video for “Something Helpful”, Debut Album Out Now

As multifaceted as she is lauded, composer and electronic artist Anna Meredith could not possibly be one to idle or rest upon her laurels, and this remains the case today. Meredith has formally announced the release of her latest music video for the track “Something Helpful” off of her widely celebrated debut album Varmints. The record was subject of particular praise from Pitchfork, giving it their “Best New Music” commemoration.
Directed by now regular collaborator Jonny Sanders (also the director of Meredith’s “R Type” video), the video is a three-minute compilation of reverie eloquently paired with Meredith’s whimsical and almost magnetic beats and sound.

The video becomes increasingly unique in the sense that the director’s inspiration for the video proves just as compelling and intriguing as the production itself. Sanders shares “The initial concept, was to animate some characters from the ‘Netherlandish Proverbs’ and ‘children’s games’ paintings by a Dutch painter called Bruegel. I adapted the idea by adding some of my own scenarios and turning the whole video into a loose narrative with a dog chasing a balloon and a poor character being bullied. Animated loops and rhythms were based directly on the instrumentation in Anna’s track.”

“Something Helpful” ‘s lovely video can be viewed below, and Meredith’s record can be ordered here via Moshi Moshi.

Anna Meredith: Official Website // Facebook // SoundCloud


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