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Tokyo Police Club revives post-punk in Washington DC

Tokyo Police Club may have played an early set in Washington DC a few nights ago, but it most certainly did not effect the fantastic energy this band had to offer. With doors opening as early as 6pm, dedicated and avid listeners arrived promptly to The 9:30 Club to be front and center for this Canadian band. With no barricade holding the crowd back, individuals flooded the venue, ecstatic to see this post-punk quartet.

tokyo_-7The band opened the night with “Cheer It On”, off their 2006 album, A Lesson In Crime. The audience was in absolute excitement, singing along with David Monks. As punk angst was revived in Washington DC that night, Tokyo Police Club was able to bring back a sense of nostalgia for many listeners in the crowd. As Monks joked with the crowd about how this overpriced city charged him way too much for a “hipster” cup of coffee and how cliché Washington DC could actually be, there was always a light-hearted feeling that lingered over the set that night. Tokyo Police Club had the ability to not only recapture how an indie rock/post-punk revival show should be like that night, but also instill a genuine feeling of comfort that the music scene has not yet lost its charm of authentic musicians.

1) Cheer It On
2) Nature of the Experiment
3) Not Sick
4) Miserable
5) Not My Girl
6) Listen to the Math
7) Toy Guns
8) PCH
9) End of a Spark
10) Favourite Colour
11) Be Good
12) Hot Tonight
13) The Ocean
14) Bambi
15) Tessellate
16) Wait Up
17) Argentina


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