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Pyro, Ohio Release Music Video for Single “The Truest Reflection”

Post-hardcore outfit Pyro, Ohio, have quickly been commanding more and more attention from the music scene, and their most recent tour is far from an exception. The group has decided to cap this aforementioned midwestern tour with a music video release, specifically for their track “The Truest Reflection”.

The video is done in reverence to the group’s parents, and comes off of last year’s Keepsakes. The track is the third single from their record, which was proven to be somewhat of a goldmine for both exposure and crticial acclaim. The video can be viewed below.

When asked about the release, guitarist Stephen Noel radiated positivity and ambition. “To go along with the theme of our latest release, we really wanted this music video to feature a lot of nostalgic imagery – and for us, that came in the form of old toys and VHS tapes, band posters, and fake wood paneling. The storyline of the video echoes Peter’s lyrics for the song; in which he contemplates how important his parents have been in shaping his life, and thanking them for loving him unconditionally.”

Pyro, Ohio: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Bandcamp


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