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Amanda Markley Releases Delightfully Somatic New Track “Cold (Revisited)”

The emerald city’s newest alternative darling Amanda Markley is surely excited to release her newest track “Cold (Revisited),” a romantically eviscerated, unadulterated manifestation of her earlier hit “Cold”. The track comes off of her impending self-titled EP, due out May 6th.
Markley’s latest ambitiously and unwaveringly explores complex themes such as loss and its accompaniment of emotions with an almost melancholic piano matched with harrowing lyrics. Speaking on the track and its origins, Markley had the following to say. “When you go through heartbreak, there are lots of questions you have that get left unanswered, and this song really calls out to that. I wanted to revisit “Cold” because I connect so closely to the lyrics. Having gone through a tough breakup myself a few months back, I really know what it’s like to feel the emotions of this song. I wanted to record a version of “Cold” that would capture the raw emotion I was feeling and portray that to the listener.” The newest version of this immensely popular track can be streamed below.

The singer has documented and traversed these increasingly difficult terrains in conjunction with collaborating with other Washington-based artists such as; Adamm Mitchell (She Is We), Chase Manhattan (Night Argent), Matt Bacnis, and Chloe Hendrickson, all of which feature prominently on her upcoming release. In a show of unfiltered benevolence, all proceeds from her irrefutably popular 2015 single “Jealousy” went directly to various charitable foundations devoted to protecting and caring for homeless animals.

Markley’s self-titled EP features five tracks, consisting of the aforementioned “Jealousy” and “Cold (Revisited)” as well as a dance number entitled “Monster” as well as a true original track “Fire”. These eclectic tracks all feature a single word for their title, providing almost a thematic insight into Markley and her creative process in the best possible way. The EP can be pre-ordered here. A confirmed tracklist as well as official album art are provided below.


Amanda Markley

Amanda Markley

May 6, 2016

1) Fire

2) Cold

3) Monster

4) Jealousy

5) Cold (Revisited)

Amanda Markley: Facebook // Official Website // Twitter // YouTube // Instagram // SoundCloud


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