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Bay Area Duo All Your Sisters Formally Announce “Uncomfortable Skin” EP

A group rich with both juxtaposition and enticing ambiguity, a male duo bearing the name All Your Sisters is keen to announce these thematics right from the start. This progresses when one attempts to pin down the group to a single genre, with the group blending post-rock and punk, industrial, and even ambient sounds. The group’s forays into juxtaposition come to light in the form of both their newest EP, Uncomfortable Skin, and its leading single, “Open Wide.” One cannot be sure whether to ruminate or sing along when previewing the track, and this might be exactly what All Your Sisters are hoping to capture.

The band’s track “Open Wide” can be listened to below.


When initially collaborating, the band drew heavily upon the darker end of personal events and upbringings as well as periods of heavy brooding and introspection. This was realized with their first record Modern Failures. A widely publicized and well received European tour immediately followed, and the band hopes to continue this tradition of commemoration with Uncomfortable Skin.
The record arrives via The Flenser on July 8th, and a confirmed tracklist is provided below.


All Your Sisters

Uncomfortable Skin

July 8th, 2016

1) Nothing Is Sacred

2) Open Wide

3) Black God

4) Heater

5) Loss

6) Remains

7) Filled With Waste

8) Shame

9) No Hope

10) Reconcile

All Your Sisters: Facebook // Bandcamp // SoundCloud


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