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Night Argent Releases Gripping, Self-Titled EP

A frequent feature here on Halfbeat, the wonderfully varied and multi-talented group Night Argent have released their debut EP to great anticipation and acclaim. Years in the making, Night Argent have gained a significant following as a result of their layered, dynamic, and bombastic sound. Their self-titled EP is available via Apple Music, Spotify, and other sources provided here.

Providing additional publicity for the outfit, the group will also spread the word regarding their EP with a track-by-track review and focused discussion on the EP on idobi Radio. This publicity will be culminated with a Pasco, WA album release show, the band’s hometown will surely be eager to experience their bombastic, almost cinematic live performance. Fortunately for those unable to attend, the show can be streamed here.

Both the band as well a their latest release have been the subject of significant acclaim, with publications such as stating “The EP…is packed with romantic up-tempos with crashing melodies (“Comet”), vulnerable themes (“Nothing More Beautiful”) and hauntingly cinematic production (“Kamikaze”).” Northwest Music Scene had this to add, “Every note is sung with believable intensity, and the band matches with great dynamics and skillful playing.”

The outfit’s debut EP features five original tracks as well as a bonus track and can be purchased via Apple Music or by way of the band’s website, provided here.

An official tracklist for the release is provided below.


Night Argent

Night Argent EP

1) Nothing More Beautiful

2) Comet (Light It Up)

3) The Towers

4) Kamikaze

5) Widowmaker

Bonus Track: 6) Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed Version)

Night Argent: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // YouTube // Instagram


1 Comment on Night Argent Releases Gripping, Self-Titled EP

  1. Awesome awesome live show.

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