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Brooklyn’s The Energy Stream New Record When We Were Young

When listening to The Energy, one notices immediately how effectively and smoothly their sound has both matured and developed throughout their ten year career. Additionally, one notices the significance of the band’s Brooklyn origins. Just as the hottest borough in the city is interjecting and juxtaposing the history of generations past with the vitality and novel approaches of modern society, The Energy have been keen to do with their sound, a pure, unfiltered, vivacious injection of rock n’ roll.

Excitement has only been compounding with the announcement of their 5th album When We Were Young, particularly with the album’s recent release on April 23rd. An album release party will also be taking place at Webster Hall (The Studio). In an attempt to further generate eagerness and anticipation, The Energy are now streaming their newest effort, which can be found via the link below.


In an attempt to push back against an industry they identify as “over-saturated with fluff” by way of poignant, entertainingly melancholic yet accessible lyrics deftly paired with crunchy, layered instrumentation. The outfit’s single “Free” deserves particular praise, eager to pay proper reverence to the titans and innovators within the genre prior while simultaneously developing their own sound, protruding within the contemporary rock genre in the best possible way. Speaking on the track, vocalist Adam Wolfsdorf had the following to say “Free tells a story for everyone- a story about finding expression and voice in a world that can limit exactly that.  Free is about breaking through the should’s and should not’s- about arriving home.”

“Free” can be streamed below.


When We Were Young Release Show:

Apr 23 – New York, NY @ The Studio at Webster Hall

The Energy: Facebook // Twitter // Official Website


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