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Gone Is Gone Debut First Ever Track “Violescent”

It’s only fitting that the hottest contemporary amalgamation in rock music releases a single sharing that theme. As abundant topics as they are relatable, violence and adolescence lend themselves well to an outfit keen to visit computers and phone speakers worldwide.

Gone Is Gone’s debut track “Violescent” debuted recently and is bound to be a definitive pillar of their impending, self-titled EP, due out July 8th via Black Dune Records. The EP can be pre-ordered here, with each order including an instant download of “Violescent.” Physical pre-orders of the limited edition vinyl EP will be available Friday, April 22nd and can be accessed here.

The video for “Violescent” can be streamed below.

The band’s own Troy Sanders delightfully delves into the semantic weight and origins of the track, with the following quote. “Calming the inner beast and creating separation between yourself and the caged animal, hungry with destructive intent. Bridging negative experiences of the past into a new and colorful light, becoming your ‘violescent self’. Desiring to better your personal environment and those who surround you, you must first better yourself.”

Gone is Gone: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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