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Underoath Is Reborn In Jersey

The talk of a reunion tour was thrown about ever since the day they broke up. For two years all we could do was hope for this and now we finally have it. Underoath is back in all its glory with the entire original line up. Moments after the announcement of Starland’s stop fans rushed to buy the tickets quickly selling out the ballroom. Opening for the packed house was Caspian, the 6 piece, instrumental rock group from Massachusetts. The band took the dark stage and the crowd roared as their amp heads lit up, the guitars screeched to life as the intro to “Darkfield,” kicked the night off. After an intense five song set, they guys left the stage and the crowd waited for the headliner to takeover.

Playing an album in its entirety is a treat itself but to have two albums back to back is a blessing. Starting off their set with They’re Only Chasing Safety,  the guys came out as the crowd roared to life in what felt like an arena band taking stage. The dark stage was flooded with white light as Aaron took stage behind the kit, then followed by the rest of the band. Spencer ran out after taking command of the stage screaming the first words of “Young and Aspiring.” The entire venue broke out into madness as if they were hearing this song for the first time. From the moshing to the crowd surfing the energy didn’t die for even their slowest of songs. Two entire hours packed together with every single song off of “They’re Only Chasing Safety” and “Define The Great Line,” was a night that could only be imagined. They have a couple dates left on this tour, if you get the chance to come out I would definitely recommend it.

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