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REPS Reveal Music Video for “Rust”, Poisoned Youth Out April 29th

The catch-22 of a newly-acclaimed band attempting to carve out their sound whilst simultaneously avoiding becoming pigeonholed or reduced to one specific genre is, and has been charted territory throughout contemporary music. Rochester, NY outfit REPS seem to have gotten their cake and eaten it too, so to speak. Equivalently pulling from the hardcore, metal, post-rock, and punk genres, REPS have curated a developed, well-aged and unique sound which will surely be showcased throughout their debut album, Poisoned Youth, due out April 29th.

The group’s 10-track album both delicately and intricately drapes social commentary, playfully didactic lyrics regarding today’s youth, and life’s experiences over thundering, bombastic instrumentation along with crunching guitar riffs and an unwavering sense of structure. With the release of the band’s latest music video “Rust,” this thematic continuity is highly favored, with the band stating,

“Rust is a very blatant breakup song of sorts, but not necessarily a sad one. It’s written in more of a reflecting manner, thinking back to just how vile and toxic a significant other can be. Sometimes it’s our unfortunate human nature to allow another person treat you so poorly it’s literally inhuman, yet you can make excuses and hold on, partly because you hold on to this vision of what you think the person can be based on how they acted in the honeymoon phase choosing not to acknowledge their obvious true colors. This song is about coming to terms with that person’s colors, and with the fact that they never were, and could never be the person you want them to be.”
The official music video for “Rust” can be viewed below.


Tangoing with themes and societal pillars are familiar territory for the group, with their debut EP Own Your Mind, released in 2015, exploring emotionally rich topics such as war, protest, freethinking, and self-sustained destruction.
A track list for Poisoned Youth is provided below.



Poisoned Youth

April 29th, 2016

1) Something We Love

2) Rust

3) Valor

4) No Demons

5) Dead In The Water

6) Courage Has No Color

7) Patsy

8) Deathbed

9) Face To Face

10) Vigilant

REPS: Facebook // Bandcamp


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