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Youth In Bloom Join 6131 Records In Anticipation of Shell EP Expanded Reissue


The artfully named Pennsylvania quartet Youth In Bloom are undoubtedly pleased to announce that they have signed with 6131 records. To commemorate this landmark, the band has commissioned an expanded reissue of their debut EP Shell, complete with previously unreleased tracks such as “Feed My Dreams (Demo)” and an acoustic version of Shell’s “Crescent Waves.” The debut for “Feed My Dreams” comes courtesy of Stereogum, who comments that the track has “a shoegaze-indebted, spiraling bit of pop that uses joint vocals to its advantage. This song has some of the carnal energy that made Pity Sex’s LP Feast of Love so buzz-worthy.”

In both contemporary music and times past, a band having difficulty carving out their specific sound, painting with too broad or too narrow a brush, or pulling from too many distinct influences is unfortunately nothing new. The true joy and reward to listeners exists when a group takes these disparities and utilizes them to their advantage, providing a masterclass in musical knowledge and ability both past and present. Youth In Bloom have done just that, surely pulling influence from 90s-era bands of the shoegaze and noise rock variety and giving their previously established sound a contemporary spin. The group undoubtedly has a heavy hand in what has recently been termed as “nu-gaze.”

Both this release as well as the collective and future discography of the group will be sure to provide both a sense of familiarity as well as a jarring challenge along the way. In the wake of this reissue a few shows have been confirmed, with their dates and locations listed below.


May 6 – Lancaster, PA @ Single File w/ Spill

June 3 – Jersey City, NJ @ Fun House

June 3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Pine Box Rock Shop

The Shell EP expanded reissue is out now in what the group hopes will be the first of many releases through 6131 records. A tracklist as well as the band’s information can be found below, and the EP can be ordered here.



“Shell” EP (Expanded Reissue)

6131 Records

April 13th, 2016


Crescent Waves



Feed My Dreams (Demo)

Crescent Waves (Acoustic)

Youth In Bloom: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp // 6131 Records


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