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Tancred Debut Music Video for “Bed Case” New Album Out Now


The brainchild of Now, Now guitarist and vocalist Jess Abbott, Tancred has gained an impressive following in recent months, and this is even more so the case with the recent release of “Bed Case”, the newest single from Tancred’s upcoming album Out of the Garden. The release comes courtesy of Polyvinyl records and the magazine Rookie, and can be viewed here.

Both the video for “Bed Case” and Out of the Garden do well to adeptly navigate the line between energetic and substantial, as well as infectious and informational. The video is artfully directed by Jason Lester, who adds “Channeling the dichotomies in the song itself, I looked for the intersection between the sweet and the unnerving, the playful and the sinister.” The video is replete with these juxtapositions, expertly complimenting nuanced camera angles and truly captivating editing.

Out of the Garden has received a plethora of similar praise, with NPR music calling the record “phenomenal”, and Stereogum lauding the lead single “Sell My Head” for how it “simmers with a uniquely bold energy.” THE FADER favorably described the album as “a full-on blast of power pop with an angry shadow behind it.” Tacred recently wrapped up a promotional tour, with more announcements surely on the way in the wake of the album’s success.

The writing of Out of the Garden draws heavily from social constructs and modern ideals of femininity, with the frontwoman Abbott constructing the album in the midst of a touring break. Abbott is also keen to describe her experiences working in a liquor store firmly entrenched within the unsavory portion of Minneapolis. Reflecting on the experience, Abbott states “I felt afraid walking home at night, and after a couple of months I just got sick of it and started getting into self-defense and self-empowerment as a means of coping. Finding my own strength changed everything.”

After writing and tracking the entirety of the songs, Abbott sought out Kevin Medina and Terrence Vitali to add drums and bass to these tracks, respectively. The newly minted group then traveled to LA for recording with Steven McDonald, a veteran of Off! & Red Kross. These themes and constructs crescendo throughout Out of the Garden, with Tancred eager to explore ideals of individuality and self expression whilst projecting a bombastic and deliberative sound. Abbott says “Out of the Garden represents doing what you want, what you need, without letting anything or anyone stop you – and smiling while you do it.”

Ensured and readily projected liberation is sure to a be a theme throughout this record and any following. Out of the Garden can be ordered here and Tancred’s info is provided below.

Tancred: Official Site // Facebook // Bandcamp // Jess Abbott Twitter


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