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Night Argent Debuts Self-Titled EP In Anticipation for April 22 Release


The genre alternative is often thought of as an umbrella, including multiple bands within the same genre that may seem starkly different. In other cases, bands grouped within this genre do a number of things well, blending seemingly countless styles and variations into a single, harmonized, sound. Night Argent falls firmly in the latter category, rapidly rising to prominence as a result of their spirited lyricism and songwriting, pop-driven melodies, and multifaceted instrumentation.

This rarely-observed-at-this-pace rise to exposure and concurrent success came soon after the announcement of their self-titled debut EP, due out April 22nd. Eager to continue this string of publicity, the group is partnering with to stream their EP, with each track coming equipped with a well curated accompanying video. Fuse provided a glittering review of the EP, stating that “(the EP is)…packed with romantic up-tempos with crashing melodies (“Comet”), vulnerable themes (“Nothing More Beautiful”), and hauntingly cinematic production (“Kamikaze”)…”

On keys and providing vocals, Shane Santanna shared this overt enthusiasm for the band as well as the record, stating “Four years we’ve been working on this EP. Four years spent writing and rewriting, trying to find our sound. So much has been invested in finding a cohesive creative platform that truly expresses both our individual, and our collective natures. The resulting music has granted us so many opportunities we never could’ve imagined. Including an amazing management company, fantastic publicity team, a partnership with AGI, and the chance to work with the legendary John Feldmann on our next project. We’re so proud of what we’ve built together, and no matter how it’s received, we know we gave everything we had to this project, and have no regrets. We’re excited to finally share what we’ve made.”

Chase Manhattan (lead vocals), Jeff Stachofsky (guitar), Shane Santanna (keys), Evan Taylor (bass), and Zac Burrell (drums) collaborate their synergistic and novel styles to give Night Argent its nuanced sound. The group’s lead single from their upcoming EP, “Nothing More Beautiful” debuted last year via to rave reviews, and these reviews only grow increasingly enthusiastic with each release. Their followed showed a more festive and topical side, with the group putting a spin on holiday-themed classics for “ Cold(Carol of the Bells). ”

The group has played alongside prominent alternative groups such as; Imagine Dragons, Andy Grammar, X Ambassadors, Mother Mother, Civil Twilight, Big Data, Jukebox The Ghost, with more surely to come. Night Argent EP is due out April 22nd, and has already received equivalent amounts of collective praise, with Talk Nerdy With Us stating that the record has “a tight, almost symphonic, genuinely unique sound.”

The EP showcases this sound via five originals from the band along with a bonus track, “Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed Version).”


Night Argent EP

Outerloop Management & Artist Group International

April 22, 2016

Nothing More Beautiful

Comet (Light It Up)

The Towers



Bonus Track: Nothing More Beautiful (Deconstructed)

The EP can be pre-ordered here via Apple Music. Special pre-orders bundles are available via the group’s website. The aesthetically appealing and semantically satisfying video collection can be viewed here.

Night Argent: Official Website // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // YouTube // Instagram


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