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New Band, Gone is Gone, Announced At

It is surely with great excitement that Rolling Stone brings news of the music world’s latest supergroup, an amalgamation of contemporary hard rock titans including members of Mastodon, Queens of the Stone Age, and At the Drive-In. Tony Hajjar, Mike Zarin, Troy van Leeuwen and Troy Sanders serve as founding members for the new group called Gone is Gone.

The group plans to debut their premiere EP later this summer via their own imprint label, Rise Records/BMG. As if the collective reputations of the supergroup’s members weren’t enough, Gone is Gone recently revealed a clip from one of their songs in anticipation of their first live show April 27th in Los Angeles, CA at the Dragonfly. Tickets will go on sale this coming Friday at 10 AM PST and can be purchased at that point here.

A recent interview with Rolling Stone provides a more clear insight into the steps leading to the groups’ formation, with Tony Hajjar stating “It feels good to know that all this music will see the light of day soon.”

Troy Sanders shares a similar sentiment, “The vibe from Day 1 was, and has been, very therapeutic for me, the chemistry was immediate.” The full interview with Rolling Stone can be read here

The genesis of Gone is Gone began with members Tony Hajjar and Mike Zarin collaborating for film scores and official soundtracks. As their work progressed, the two mutually realized that while this work was rewarding, it was simply insufficient. A phone call with Queens of the Stone Age’s Troy van Leeuwen followed, and the three leaped at the opportunity by rapidly recording an EP. Gone is Gone’s foundation was there, the group just required vocality. Cue Mastodon’s Troy Sanders and his layered, iconic voice. Sanders was an instant fit, and the excitement and anticipation is sure to only increase with time.

Gone is Gone: Official Site


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