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8123 Announces New Project, John the Ghost, Announces April 29th Release Date

In the wake of both a cryptic, fifteen-second video from 8123 and the hordes of ensuing pre-orders despite this lack of information, the brainchild of Arizona’s John O’Callaghan (The Maine, Eagles in Drag) finally revealed itself as John the Ghost. In conjunction with this both impressive and rapidly expanding musical CV, O’Callaghan’s poetry has also gained both the attention and the praise, specifically via a 2011 collection titled Exaltation, in which he collaborated with noted photographer Dirk Mai.

In an impressive display of O’Callaghan’s artistic and lyrical prowess that could only be matched by his ambition, John the Ghost selected an April 29th release date for Sincerely, John the Ghost. The aforementioned piece is sure to garner plenty of hype not only for its content but also for its composition. John the Ghost pairs six originally (and undoubtedly artfully) crafted tracks with a book containing over sixty pieces of prose poetry. O’Callaghan has drawn extensively from his own thoughts and machinations, stating “the purpose of this project is not only a form of catharsis by letting go of lingering ideas, but also an opportunity to potentially inspire others to express themselves in whatever way helps them feel alive.”

As of yesterday, John the Ghost has released the lead single from the upcoming release, “Sour Grapes.” Check out the track here:

An official track listing for Sincerely, John the Ghost is listed below.

Track Listing
1. Sour Grapes
2. Nowandlater
3. Everyone Is A DJ
4. The Whole Of Your Heart
5. Red House
6. All At Once

John the Ghost: Website //  Twitter // Pre-Order


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