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Leapling Share New Single via NPR’s “Songs We Love” In Anticipation of New Album

Perhaps in commemoration of 2016 containing an extra day, Brooklyn-based power pop group Leapling has shared their new single “Hey Sister” via NPR’s “Songs we Love.” The brand new track pairs thick, definitive chugging guitar (almost striking a shoegaze-type pose) with the excellent vocals of frontman Dan Arnes, whose vocals prove to be as genuine as they are melodic. Give a listen to the song here:

Praise has also come via NPR in regards to the song stating, “as the song’s calm rumination briefly gives way to the disquieting heartache buried just underneath the skin, it’s a satisfying jolt.”

Leapling is further generating excitement for their upcoming full length release, Suspended Animation, with a set of confirmed shows, which are listed below.

Upcoming Shows
Apr 17 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade w/ Washer, Palberta & Shana Falana (Bernie Sanders Benefit)
Apr 30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right w/ SALES & Japanese Breakfast
May 13 – Philadephia, PA @ Ortlieb’s w/ Laser Background

Dan Arnes, having been born on leap day himself, is perhaps as authentic as they come. Eager to build upon the success of last year’s Vacant Page, the group has adopted a more stripped down sound, hoping to synergize increased experimentation with a nuanced, power-pop approach. The result is a complex yet extremely accessible record.

This stripped down sound could be attributed to the band’s paradigm shift from a quartet into a trio, as well as with the addition of drummer Alejandro Salazar Dyer. Dyer could very well be the catalyst for this simplistic, yet comprehensive sound, pulling influence from everything ranging from the Kinks to Jim O’Rourke to classic Motown.

As much praise is (deservedly) given to both the band’s prior release and the release of this new single, perhaps the most impressive feature about Leapling is not only their well defined sound and image but their ability to adapt on the fly and manifest into a completely new group in a matter of months. It bears to mention that this new manifestation is sure to be as adored as those prior.

The band’s new release, Suspended Animation, is due out June 10th via Exploding in Sound Records. Check out the artwork and track listing below! 


Suspended Animation
1. I Decide When It Begins
2. Alabaster Snow
3. Don’t Move Too Fast
4. Shakin’
5. You Lemme Know
6. Suspended Animation
7. One Hit Wonder
8. Hey Sister
9. Why Can’t You Open Up Your Door?
10. Good Morning (It’s Okay)
11. Time Keeps Tickin’

Leapling: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Bandcamp


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