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Kaleo: Artist to Watch

In recent years music has become the beneficiary of frequent and significant contribution from the country of Iceland. As a result, we have now become attuned to the ethereal sounds of Sigur Ros as well as the melodic and infectiously rhythmic tunes of the literarily inspired Of Monsters and Men. With the emergence of a group like Kaleo, our group in focus today, we simultaneously interact with another Icelandic contribution and experience a “bucking of the Scandinavian trend” so to speak.

Within the group’s excellent Baeble music session, the standout track “Broken Bones” cuts definitively against the grain in the best possible way. The track itself is reminiscent of a gritty, well-mixed southern rock genre (a la early Black Keys or the Alabama Shakes) and even comes replete with slightly esoteric (yet greatly appreciated) allusion to folklorists and music purveyors of the past, such as the iconic Alan Lomax.

Kaleo’s first track within the session, “All the Pretty Girls” not only allows us to catch a glimpse into the group’s fantastic range (this one favors a folksy delicacies of a Bon Iver rather than the previously mentioned southern rock), but also allows insight into the group’s motivations for leaving their native Iceland in favor of Austin, TX.

The group made this move soon after releasing “All the Pretty Girls” and to say that the move has paid off would be a significant understatement. They have since toured in over 40 states, and one cannot help but become excited with how their sound develops as a result of more time spent in the country.
Get a peek at Kaleo’s excellent and ever-developing sound on the Baeble site or with the Baeble music app.

For more on the group, please find their information below.

Kaleo: Website // Facebook // Twitter


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