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Daughter Ignites Washington DC

Daughter has managed to make quite the name for themselves over the past few years in the music scene. After releasing their anticipated album Not to Disappear earlier this year, this trio has been able to hold the attention of a countless number of listeners. The comforting vocals from front-woman Elena Tonra has captivated audiences at an all time high.

It was not surprising to see Daughter sell out Washington DC’s most iconic venue, The 9:30 Club, on a Wednesday night. Leaving such an impression the previous summer at Landmark Festival, DC concert attendees were ready to be blown away with another performance from the UK band. Hours before doors were even opened, the venue had dozens and dozens of eager fans anxiously waiting for the show later that night.

The atmosphere of the club was incredibly relaxed from the get-go. The venue filled quickly with individuals crowding the barricades to experience the upcoming intimate set this three-piece group had to offer. As the band promptly took stage, the room filled with applause as audience members cheered on the indie band. Opening the set with their hit single “How” off their sophomore album, Not to Disappear, the crowd broke into a passionate sing-along with Tonra. Daughter had accomplished to entangle DC into a melodic state that Wednesday night, leaving the district patiently waiting for their next US tour.


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