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Hawthorne Heights Crossed Columbus off Their List

In celebration of the 10th Birthday of “If Only You Were Lonely,” hometown heroes Hawthorne Heights set out on tour and made a stop in Columbus OH.

Emerging in an all white attire, the band started with “This is Who We Are,” the first track from the bands sophomore album. The crowd, with an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia, sang along to every word. With a small break in between songs to announce that they would be playing the full album in its entirety that night the crowd exploded. It was exciting to hear the album in full, as many songs were never played live from this album on any of the previous tours the band has had in the last 12 years. Telling stories in between songs and tunings about how the band had come to be so many years ago kept the mood upbeat as the band played through the album into songs like “Pens and Needles” and “Saying Sorry.” Seeing Hawthorne Heights in any Ohio setting is truly a communal experience for the crowd, as most of the crowd grew up at some point listening to them. After the band had played fully through “Decembers,” the last track on the albumn they band played a song from their newest album Hurt that released last year. Playing “Beneath the Silver Strand,” Hawthorne Heights showed the crowd that they have grown as a band musically, but still managed to stay true to some of the original sound that people loved in the peak era of Hawthorne Heights. The crowd responded well to the new song and a good portion of the crowd sang along. After realizing they had finished their set quicker than expected the band played a song they originally had no intention of playing. The crowd erupted at the oh so familiar intro of “Niki FM.” With avenue full of people shouting back at the band their own lyrics, it was clear that “Niki FM” and “Ohio Is For Lovers,” which they played next, would always hold a very special place in all of our emo hearts.


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