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Fall Out Boy Saved Rock and Roll at Wright State

Fall Out Boy made a stop at the Nutter Center at Wright State in Dayton OH on their most recent tour, Wintour. Out with PVRIS, the show was started off in a vibey rock direction. Creating their own sound that the crowd really got into, PVRIS truly set the stage for the night. By their second song “St. Patrick,” the crowd started to dance along to the pop beats and strong vocals from front-woman Lynn Gunn. The band, who seemingly blew up over night, has been taking the scene by storm. Being on tour with bands like Fall Out Boy, who also broke into the mainstream early on in their careers, has given PVRIS the opportunity to follow suit. Slowing it down for their next song “Smoke,” the band showed that it has more than one side and is already capable of so much. The band kept the same tempo into their newest song “You and I” and then ending on a electrifying finish, playing their biggest hit “My House.”

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There was a small intro prior to Fall Out Boy hitting the stage, playing a serene scene on a large backdrop, the band emerged playing “Irresistible.” The large arena-like stage allowed the band to spread out to take all wings of the stage up. Following into their biggest mainstream hit “Sugar We’re Going Down,” the high-powered performance was started early on. The band did an incredible job creating a setlist that not only satisfied the newer generation of Fall Out Boy fans, but the original 2004 fans as well, playing pre-hiatus songs beautifully intertwined with post-hiatus hits as well. Many people seeing Fall Out Boy for the first time in the crowd yelling along side the FOB veterans to the same songs was a communal and amazing experience. The band delivered a strong performance the whole night going back and forth between throwback hits like “Disloyal Order of the Water Buffalos” and then following it with radio hit “Uma Thurman.” The bands stage and set list were amazing and reminded us all why we fell in love with Fall Out Boy to begin with.

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