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What You Missed & What’s Coming Up on idobi Radio

After a great month in March with fantastic guests and shows, idobi Radio is moving into April with an equally fantastic line-up! Read up on what idobi has done in March, below.

The Gunz Show–covered the Curtis Kuby Roast, hosted Emo Night Brooklyn, and did an live interview with I The Mighty!

Rock The Walls–hosted by Patrick Walford, featured Asking Alexandria, Blessthefall, Chelsea Grin, Secrets, The World Alive, and Fit For A King

Eddie, Jason & Chris–hosted by Eddie Barella, Jason Newcomer, and Chris Barr sat down with publicist James Lloyd

Gone Fishkin–hosted by Mike Fishkin, sat down with Letdown, Illphonics, Cardinox, and Marina City

In the next few weeks of April, idobi Radio has some exciting guests and shows coming up–take a look at what to expect:

Rock The Walls–will be featuring Miss May I, Between The Buried And Me, Blessthefall, Bongzilla, Bane, and Good Tiger

The Gunz Show–will be featuring Pete Wentz, a live in-studio with JAX, and speaking to New Haven University’s music class

Gone Fishkin–will be co-hosted by King Neptune and will sit down with MeLikeBees, LAYNE, and Delaplane

Eddie, Jason & Chris–will be talking with Holy Pinto, Commonweather, and Them vs Her

idobi Radio: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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