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Uncle/Father Oscar Releases You’re Saying It Like It’s Gonna Happen

Philadelphia emo-punk band Uncle/Father Oscar is emerging from the Philly music scene and taking the music community by storm. Consisting of Keith, Tom, Dallas, Kevin, and Kyle, this is the DIY band you should keep your eye on. Their newest record, You’re Saying It Like It’s Gonna Happen comes out today via sorry girls records!


The genuine and emotional lyrics are written by Keith and Dallas who both love to be impromptu as they write from a stream of consciousness, and it totally worked for them. You may be wondering about the puns and song titles. Most of them are jokes between the band and as a listener, as you get to know the band and listen to their music, the puns and jokes start to make sense and you fall in love with the boys’ humor and personalities through their music.

The entire album was recorded during a week in November at Philly Sound Studios. Tom describes it as a beautiful, hellish, sincere, lovely, tiring week where they drank way too much coffee (I’m told roughly ten pounds of Counter Culture coffee). In order to stay true to their sound, the album does not use any doubling or transitions that they don’t play live during shows. While the album was being recorded, much of what they focused on was getting the raw emotion out of every song which sometimes involved being a little less than delicate with their instruments which you can definitely hear throughout the record. Tom tells us about one instance during the recording of “Fucked Up” where they wanted Keith to sound “really lackadaisical” so they turned off all the lights in the studio so it was pitch black in order to capture the heartbreaking feeling of laying in bed and thinking “damn what the fuck did I just do.”

Overall this record is loud, raw, emotional, musically fluent and everything an emo record should be and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

You can stream the new record before it is released here:

Catch Uncle/Father Oscar at their record release show tonight:


 Uncle/Father Oscar: Bandcamp // Facebook  // Twitter


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