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Jabberjaw Webcast Weekly Recap

This week on Jabberjaw’s Weekly Webcast, a lot of exciting things happened – here’s a recap!

Lead Singer Syndrome (Podcast): Shane Told and Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven talk about growing up in Burlington, Ontario.  Anderson also talks about the story behind his band’s hit song “One Thing” and reminisces about his childhood in Burlington.  Shane also talks to new Tooth and Nail signing Tyson Motsenbocker to talk about his new album.


Break It Down with Matt Carter (Podcast): Mark Trombino is the guest for this episode–he is a producer who is known for working with bands like Blink-182, Mineral Finch, The Starting Line, and all of Jimmy Eat World’s albums.  He also owns a donut shop in Los Angeles called Donut Friend.  Together, Mark and Matt discuss economics in the music industry and how things change in the industry as expectations change. They also revisit Mark’s productions and discuss how his idea of opening a donut shop became reality.


Metal Braniac (Podcast):  Marc Görtz, singer, songwriter, and the man behind Calibian discusses the band’s creative process behind their 10th album Gravity.


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