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The KVB – Of Desire Review

On March 11th, UK duo The KVB released their newest album, Of Desire, which was released via Metropolis records. Having begun in 2010 as a bedroom project for  Nicholas Wood to experiment with ideas around minimal electronica, The KVB expanded with Wood’s partner and collaborator Kat Day!

The productive pair have released four albums since 2010, with their prolific work ethic also extending to therelease of a number of tapes and EPs – and Of Desire will be their second LP on Geoff Barrow’s label, Invada Records in the UK.

Of Desire is a collection of something that could be described as reverb dripping shoegaze, and minimalist electronic production. This creates a truly unique sound for the pair to inhabit on Of Desire. Composed of 11 complete tracks, this LP is reminiscent of a faint memory of a dream. With instrumental dedication, a ton of reverb, and techniques playing with the ideals of electronic production, Of Desire melts itself into a smooth ball that you could roll inside of your ears for hours.

Track listing:thekvb_ofdesire

1. White Walls
2. Night Games
3. Lower Depths
4. Silent Waves
5. Primer
6. Never Enough
7. In Deep
8. Awake
9. V11393
10. Unknown
11. Mirrors
12. Second Encounters

Of Desire is definitely The KVB’s most mature and put together album, and even work, to date. It feels heavily considered and produced, while listeners can appreciate their attention to technicalities in dynamic arrangements and instrumentations.

Lead single “In Deep” is a song powered by a motorik beat and distorted blasts of icy guitars which Wood describes as being about longing. He adds, “there is definitely a romantic undercurrent to the record.”

Halfbeat says: check out this trippy album, fall asleep to it, think about that existential crisis you’ve been putting off – just listen to it.

Rating: 8/10

For more on The KVB check out their social media below!

The KVB: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube // Soundcloud


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