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Nerf Herder Releases 5th Studio Album

CDNerfHam-900x900Nerf Herder impressively added another album to their studio album collection with their March 11th release of Rockingham!

Rockingham makes five total studio albums under their belt, and geek-rock pros, Nerf Herder continues to give fans exactly what they are looking for with catchy lyrics, and unique, quirky humor.

Parry Gripp had this to say about Rockingham, “After 20 years of recording we’ve finally created the ultimate Nerf Herder record! Funnier, catchier, and more rocking than anything we’ve done before, Rockingham, is the high-power geek rock fest we’ve been hinting at our whole career.”

Meanwhile, Steve Sherlock shared this, “I’ve been trying to write a blurb about Rockingham, but I’m somewhat scatterbrained and feeling nonsensical at the moment. The album was just officially released in digital format, just about an hour ago. The feeling is unreal. Haven’t felt this proud of a Nerf Herder album since…”

Fans can catch the band live at their hometown show in Santa Barbara on April 5th and at their album release show in West Hollywood on April 8th.

Nerf Herder Tour Dates:
April 5 – Santa Barbara, CA – Velvet Jones
April 8 – West Hollywood, CA – Troubadour (Record Release Party w/Fartbarf, Allie Goertz and Geezer)

Nerf Herder: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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