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Mudface – The Bane of Existence Review

San Francisco Bay Area metal group, Mudface, is wrapping up March with their newest album release!

Mudface is made up of Chris Dinsmore (Lead Vocals), Brett Crane (Vocals & Keyboards), Rob Kolowitz (Guitar), Grant Kolowitz (Guitar), Jim Pegram (Bass),
and Tim Davis (Drums).

Reminiscent of older metal sounds such asHigh on Fire, Death Angel, Metallica, Leviathan, Testament, Mastadon – Mudface is bringing back their version of metal one day at a time.

The Bane Of Existence is Mudface’s sophomore album, and is following Anti and two previous EPs. The new LP is a 10 track collection of thrashing metal anthems, and the band has no qualms about making that clear, their core philosophy being explained as such!

“We want to prove that the Metal genre is NOT dead. Our music has groove and hooks, while remaining true to our roots. Our goal is to take our music beyond the Bay Area to the U.S. and the rest of the world, with a powerful and dynamic live show – No lip-synching allowed!”

Track listing: 11947833_946704028720293_6842579299645875348_o
1. Fed To The Lions
2. Hellfoot
3. Do Unto Others
4. Hollow
5. I’m Onto You
6. The Tree From Which Men Hang
7. Killshot
8. Down Below
9. Anthem
10. The Watchers

The Bane Of Existence is following Mudface’s mantra with heavy hitting tracks – their biggest ally the rough and ready instrumentals. The album is following relatively normal metal ideals, with lyrics that express sentiments towards war, hell, anger, fighting, ect. Meanwhile, their instrumentals are extremely guitar heavy with riffs to engage and entice listeners.

This album is definitely mercilessly deafening. It is a great addition to metal listeners current collections – on the softer side vocally for some metal music I’ve previously reviewed, but I liked that because it made the lyrics distinguishable for first-time listeners – giving the emphasis this album needed.

Rating: 7/10

For more info on Mudface and what they’re up to, hit up their social media.

Mudface: Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // Youtube


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