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Rare Futures Share New Track

Last Wednesday, Rare Futures shared another track off of their upcoming album, This Is Your Brain On Love!

In tandem with Rock Sound Magazine, Rare Futures released their newest track, “This Is Your Future [Lost In A Black Hole].”

“”This Is Your Future” is a self-help song I wrote to pull myself out of a depression I was going through relating to my struggles pursuing music,” explains Matt. “At the time when I wrote it, I was dealing with starting over and finding my identity again as a musician and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay on the same path or say goodbye to my passion to find a new direction because my previous experiences had been so taxing…the message when I listen back to the song is simple: YOU are the keeper and controller of your own destiny, nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.”

You can check out the track here.

Take a peek at our previous coverage of Rare Futures here, and look forward to our upcoming review of This Is Your Brain On Love!

Rare Futures
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