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Chunk was an All Star in Cleveland

On Chunk No Captain, Chunk’s most recent tour, Light in the Cave tour the French easycore revivalist band came out with a bang. The band was direct support for post-hardcore hits I See Stars, and even with the genre difference won more than just their own fans over.

It’s no news to anyone in the pop-punk scene that Chunk has lead the revivalist group of Easycore fans through the past years they’ve been a band. So it came as somewhat of a shock to see them on a lineup of bands not necessarily associated with the “pop-punk” scene. But their high energy and catchy songs stole the hearts right from the start with song, Haters Gonna Hate, and continuing into angst-heavy song “Playing Dead” released within the last year, about kick starting life and no longer waiting around and wasting time.

By song three of their set the crowd was excited and moving around more, continuing the trend of the previous songs meaning the band jumped right back in with song “Taking Chances” and The Other Line.

It wouldn’t be a Chunk Show without playing their well known cover of Smash Mouth’s, Allstar. Frontman Bert stood on the barrier between the stage and the crowd and sang along with the crowd to the famous song and the whole crowd exploded with excitement as they sang along to the famous hit.

As the supporting bands set came to a close with two more songs, the finished out with their most popular song, In Friends We Trust, which kick started the bands career in the easycore scene with an incredible amount of synth, resembling an early Four Year Strong/ Set Your Goals time era of music. Both, hardcore fans, and new fans of the band Moshe’s and crowd surfed their way around the venue. Another great performance by Chunk, in the easycore loving state of Ohio.



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