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The Hip Abduction – Gold Under the Glow Review

th_6743302dfba9c80b3a4605e299b318d9_1454013497HipabductionalbumartOn March 11th, The Hip Abduction will be releasing their sophomore full length album, Gold Under the Glow. The highly anticipated album comes from a band that has matured into a beautiful and happy eclectic array of sounds.

Straight from the sunshine state, The Hip Abduction is a collective afro-pop/indie-punk band brought together in beautiful & historic St. Petersburg – and it’s no wonder that the sextet often pulls graciously from reggae inspired sounds. The Hip Abduction places heavy emphasis on African stringed instruments such as the Kora or the Ngoni. They then mix these stringed sounds with dub-reggae bass and funky afro-beat percussions.

This makes for lively, indie inspired funk music. Each track is equally exciting as the last, and yet none sound the same. Every moment relies on it’s own combo of instruments, lyric, and sound to generate new creative music. In retrospect, the album offers anthems, love songs, songs about friendship – for every mood you could possibly be having.

Gold Under the Glow consists of 11 unique and distinct tracks, my personal favorite being, “Awake.” The transitions are smooth and reminiscent of beautiful sandy moments on some shore somewhere – which is exactly where I want to be listening to this album.

Out of all the albums I’ve reviewed this year, Gold Under The Glow is one of the most exciting LPs I’ve been able to listen to. Fans and listeners should be stoked about The Hip Abductions and their great, unique sound. One that incorporates different instruments, bohemian atmosphere, love lyrics and general quietude for some tunes you should be playing in your car this spring and summer – windows down, sunglasses on.

Rate: 9/10

For more information on The Hip Abduction, check out their links below.

The Hip Abduction: Facebook // Website // Twitter


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